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Adults & Crafts – DIY Craft Kits Subscription Box #2

If you need a little inspiration for creating something spectacular, or you want to wake up your creativity, lifestyle subscription boxes are exactly what you need.

From drawing and tree-painting to coffee-plus-book set and meditation-kit, there are a few ideas to spend your time entertaining and funny. Some of the best subscription boxes 2020 you would buy for yourself, others you would give to friends or relatives. The list of the most interesting boxes is constantly updated, so do not forget to follow!

Besides that, there’s a box for every art interest and every budget. You can be sure to find something that’s right for you!

What we prepared for your creativity:

  1. My Coffee And Book Club
  2. ClubTac
  3. Wickbox — Luxury Candles
  4. My First Reading Club: Newborn–2 Years
  5. Introverts Retreat Monthly Book Box For Women
  6. DateBox Club
  7. Adults & Crafts
  8. BREO box
  9. BloomsyBox — Beautiful Bouquets Subscription
  10. Home Made Luxe — DIY Craft Kit
  11. Sprezzabox — Men’s Fashion Subscription
  12. Guitar Crate — Guitar Player Subscription Box


Best Lifestyle Subscription Boxes Reviews


My Coffee And Book Club Monthly Subscription Box — Acclaimed Fiction: Whole Bean Coffee

Price: $30.99/box & free shipping


Select your coffee and book genre, become a coffee-gourmet, and modern literature expert — subscribe to My Coffee And Book Club subscription box. Every month for one year you’ll get the best gourmet coffee plus two new hardcover books. Also eBooks can be sent on email for reading on the go. This subscription box can be the start of your book club. Or it can inspire you to open your coffee shop or cafe.

What’s inside:

  • The best grade of coffee
  • Two books perfectly complete the taste of coffee

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ClubTac — Standard Subscription

Price: $70.00 for your first box, renews at $72.95/box


How to find what is needed in the essential surroundings? How to prepare your own set for life in nature and hiking? You can watch video tutorials, or you can learn everything using real-life tools. ClubTac Subscription Box gets you a monthly package delivery that focuses on very cool and practical survival/tactical gear. Tactical technology items are also included in these crates and items that are just plain awesome in their military way! These crates typically consist of 4–6 items & typically have an MSRP retail value ranging from $110–$150 per package.

What’s inside (Standart Crate):

  • 10X25 Tactical Binoculars by BRAVO8
  • Elite Ops Energy Strips
  • ClubTac Collection Challenge Coin #3 of 25
  • BRAVO8 Paracord Bracelet
  • P-38 Can Opener
  • Incredibly Small Quick Travel Towel Tablets! (2 pcs)
  • U.S. Flag “Bullet & Stars” Trucker Hat
  • HYDR8 Survival Water Filtration Bottle
  • Ranks and Achievements
  • Customization Options

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Wickbox – Luxury Candle Subscription Box Curated To Match Your Scent Preferences: Large Box

Price: $36.00 for your first box, renews at $45.00/box


We underestimate the importance of daily rituals and time for ourselves. So many things happen during the day — that’s why every person should have a time of silence and relaxation in the evening. Aromatherapy and the ritual with the soft flame of a candle is a medication, whose effectiveness can hardly be overestimated. With Wickbox, you’ll receive a new aroma candle every month and a little more: aesthetic pleasure and a regular personal ritual.

What’s inside:

  • Medium or large candle
  • A scent which matches you perfectly: before subscribe seller will ask you what types of scents you like and don’t like
  • Beautiful candle containers to update your decor with the seasons
  • Practice wood
  • The perfect monthly reminder for self-care

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My First Reading Club — Monthly Book Subscription Box: Newborn–2 Years

Price: $20.99/box & free shipping


Finding the right book for your child can be tricky. Parents recommend one thing, friends say something completely different, sites and forums — also something new. With My First Reading Club box subscription you don’t need to spend time researching modern children’s literature: the most relevant books for your baby are inside the box. Each of them helps to discover the world, talks about important aspects of our life and helps to spend time together easily and interestingly. There are books for the newborn group, hardcover picture books for the 3 to 5 age group, hardcover age-appropriate short chapter books for the 6 to 8 age group, and age-appropriate chapter books for the 2 older age groups board in the box. The activity books consist of touch and feel and sing songbooks for the infants, coloring books for the 3 to 5 age group and age-appropriate coloring, word find, crossword puzzle, and other activity books for the older age groups.

What’s inside:

  • Curator picks three to four age-appropriate new books specifically for you and your child
  • When you join My First Book Club, you become part of a community of parents discovering and sharing ideas that can help improve the literacy of your child.

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Introverts Retreat Monthly Book Box for Introverted Women: General Fiction

Price: $42.00 for your first box, renews at $42.00/box


Each woman sometimes needs a reboot to create and work with new forces and embody new ideas. For such a case, Introverts RetreatBox is ideal. A couple of details — and you’re surrounded by a nice aroma, calm atmosphere for meditation or relaxing yoga practice. Afterward we suggest you read a book or magazine from the subscription box.

What’s inside:

  • Candles or bath salts
  • A novel written by a female author
  • Sweet or savory snack plus a beverage
  • One or two introvert-approved gifts such as cozy socks, body butter, journals, notebooks, puzzles, coloring books, handmade soaps, and much more.

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DateBox Club – Monthly Subscription Box

Price: $32.00 for your first box, renews at $40.00/box


If you’re a busy couple or a couple with kids, if you’re trying to find new ideas for spending time together DateBox Club Subscription Box is made for you. This box brings a high-quality, creative date to your door. You open the box and all you need for spending time fun is included. This box will also be a perfect gift.

What’s inside:

  • Game Night
  • DIY Projects
  • Cooking
  • Learning something new
  • Travel

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Adults & Crafts – DIY Craft Kits Subscription Box

Price: $30.00 for your first box, renews at $39.95/box


Do you tried to create a masterpiece… on a wood? Take just your fantasy and inspiration, the subscription box will care about all other things. The tools, materials, and accessories to do your very own wood-project. Each project is completely different than the next, learn a new craft skill every month.

What’s inside:

  • Wood-burning tool
  • Natural wood slice
  • Practice wood
  • Paints
  • Gloss finish
  • Transfer paper
  • Paintbrushes
  • Instructions

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Breo Box Lifestyle Subscription Box

Price: $134.00 for your first box, renews at $159.00/box


Breo box brings you the hottest and latest products on the market to enhance your everyday life. Each box is thoughtfully curated with detailed attention to current trends and seasonal changes, to ensure that each box compliments your current lifestyle. It’s more than just a box — it’s a whole new way of experiencing products, that you never knew you needed, all for an unbeatable value. When you receive a Breo box, you can expect to find an abundance of premium products from all things: technology, home, fitness, and lifestyle. After meticulous search and curating we ensure that the products are one-of-a-kind goods, that you never knew you needed!

What’s inside for example:

  • Amazon Echo Dot
  • Smart Temperature Control Mug by Ember
  • Fujifilm Instax Mini Camera
  • Ekho Sports & Action Waterproof Camera
  • Oniva Mini Bean Bag Throw from Picnic Time
  • Swanwick Sleep Blue-light Blocking Glasses

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BloomsyBox – Beautiful Bouquets Subscription: Mixed Flowers

Price: $41.64 for your first box, renews at $48.99/box


BloomsyBox is the easiest way to enjoy fresh-cut flowers. Every bouquet includes fresh, unique, and long-lasting blooms to brighten your day! Each bouquet is arranged right on the farm where they’re grown and sent directly to you within 2–4 days of being cut.

What’s inside:

  • Farm-fresh handpicked bouquet
  • Care card
  • Flower food to keep your blooms fresher longer

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Home Made Luxe – DIY Craft Kit Subscription Box

Price: $30.00 for your first box, renews at $40.00/box


It can be difficult to figure out what is needed to create a finished masterpiece. Or you just want to spend the evening on a creative project. Home Made Luxe Subscription Box will show you a variety of creativity. You will learn how to make soap, cross-stitch, knit, make origami, weave macrame, and much more. Each box contains a ready-made set for creating your project: the exact amount of materials, all tools (except for glue and scissors), and of course step-by-step instruction.

What’s inside (kits examples):

  • DIY Paper Flower Kit
  • DIY Wood Burning Cutting Board Kit
  • DIY Macrame Kit
  • DIY Gemstone Soap Kit

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Sprezzabox — Men’s Fashion Subscription

Price: $21.00 for your first box, renews at $28.00/box


Want to have a guaranteed modern and stylish wardrobe? Any item in your wardrobe will fit perfectly without calling the stylist. You can subscribe to SprezzaBox and combine the most modern accessories with your clothes. A perfect gift for a friend or father. SprezzaBox includes the latest fashion accessories and provides them to you at an extremely low cost every month. You’ll discover new brands: SprezzaBox combines accessories from amazing new companies. It’s like a little present to yourself every month.

What’s inside (example of Hillcrest Sprezzabox):

  • Sprezza burgundy dot tie
  • Weekend Casual blue anchor socks
  • Ainsley & Troupe gray/red stripe pocket square
  • Elevon brown strap/black face watch
  • Razor MD black tweezers

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Guitar Crate — Awesome Guitar Player Subscription Box: Acoustic Guitar

Price: $25.00 for your first box, renews at $25.00/box


If you have a guitar, then you know exactly how often the right strings are not at hand to replace a broken one, how often crate picks are lost and so one. A Guitar Crate subscription box will give you a chance to concentrate on music and song and forget about everything you need to play the guitar. You can choose your instrument, and the subscription box will be full of accessories that are perfect exactly for your guitar.

What’s inside (example January 2020):

  • Dunlop System 65 Superlube Gel Pen
  • D’Addario Fretboard Cleaner & Conditioner
  • Music Nomad Case Humitar
  • Music Nomad String Fuel

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Create, make experiments, discover new opportunities. We’re already coming up with new combinations and subscription boxes for your creative projects!

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  1. I have already subscribed for a couple of boxes for myself and now I want to pick up something interesting for my husband as well. Has anyone ordered a Breo Box or a DateBox? Can you please share your impressions of how it is in real life?

    P.S. Thanks for the great review!

  2. Hi! First of all, this review is really full and covers all main lifestyle subscription boxes, thank you so much! Secondly, I want to share my experience with Introverts Retreat Monthly Book Box for Introverted Women, that was fantastic! Girls, highly recommend! Such a cute present for yourself! Wickbox is definitely next!

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