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Subscription Boxes — A Definitive Guide

From candy to a new hobby, from a perfume to a complete date — you can get it all delivered straight to your door these days!

Imagine that you decided to start something new. Maybe you want to pick up a new hobby, or try to make a cosmetic procedure, or cook a new recipe. Any of these ideas need a whole set of different tools, that, of course, should match well with each other! I advise you to take 2 and 3 units of some of them at once because of their quick use or easy loss. An Independent collection of this set will require a lot of precious time shopping in various shops! There you take really good paints, in another online-store you buy brushes and a book about painting better to buy offline. You don’t have any enthusiasm left to start anything now, right?

Monthly arriving boxes remove this headache. All you need to do is choose what you want to start. Subscription boxes are formed by acting professionals: those who have been making handmade things for a long time, or write music, or cook, or go to trekking, or make SPA at home. No need to spend much time making research on the Internet and looking different between some brands of professional tools. Subscription boxes have already chosen all the best tools for you.

Top Categories For Subscription Boxes As Of May 2020

There are several categories of them out there — beauty boxes, boxes that will take care of your animals, or even the ones that will help to organize a perfect date, or a family evening with children. Choose yours!

Table of contents:

  1. Beauty And Skincare
  2. Food & Drink
  3. Lifestyle
  4. Pets
  5. Toys & Kids


Another good point to subscription boxes — you can give them as gifts. One-time gifts are gone in the past. These monthly boxes are the best presents for a new generation. Not only will the personalized boxed gifts show your partner, family, or friend that you’re thinking about them, but also they help to be sure their celebration will last every month! Most gifts are one-and-done, but with monthly subscription your gift can keep on giving. Give someone special (even if that someone is yourself) gift every month with a package of anything: candy, coffee, books, a new hobby, flowers, or Marvel toys — there’s an option for every personality, and no wrapping involved.

The Definitive Guide To Subscription Boxes

Beauty And Skincare Subscription Boxes

Lip Monthly - Beauty and Makeup Subscription Box

For a long time, beauty boxes were the first and most popular from the entire list. And there are two reasons.

First: you want to try luxury cosmetics or Korean brands. Or you are a fan of lipsticks and lip glosses and want to collect all colors. Or you want to meet a new cosmetics brand — for all these options there is a beauty box. Second reason: you’re looking for the perfect gift that can be delivered to the doorstep of your best friend. No matter which subscription box you choose, the best part is getting a package full of beauty products delivered to your door regularly!

Here is another lifehack. Beauty subscription is a perfect gift if you or your friend are an Instagram model! A lot of small details in each box make a picture like from Pinterest.

Here are some jewels for you:

  • Lip Monthly — A selection of up to 5 great lip products, plus a cute makeup bag.
  • FaceTory — 7 high-quality Korean skincare products including masks, oils, and creams.
  • Bath Blessing Sanctuary — 5+ luxury bath or shower products including artisan soaps, bath bombs, scrubs, butters, body wash, or bath accessories.

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Food & Drink Subscription Boxes

Candy Club - Delicious Premium Candies Subscription Box

When you need something perfect for the foodie who has everything, you are faced with an agonizing choice. With this subscription box you can forget about it, because it has everything from wine to coffee and cheese inside. You will find a little surprise for every taste and several different budget levels in food subscription boxes. Meal boxes come with everything you need to make a delicious dinner. Or breakfast. Or any meal! Great match for busy people, especially those who have to get dinner on the table after a long day of work when the last thing you want to do is spend time with your family.

Some specialty boxes are included too. Snack subscription boxes will replace sad desk snacks on your workspace with much healthier options than the office vending machine. Exciting wine or beer choices, fancy cheeses, or unusual chocolates… Isn’t that a perfect gift? Or it may help you to discover a new favorite treat. Whether you’re looking for a way to make weeknight cooking easier or just something new and exotic to snack on, these food box subscriptions will satisfy your needs.

Bon Appetit:

  • Candy Club — A thoughtfully curated collection of 6 delicious premium candies that are mostly sweet, rich, and chocolatey in a variety of fun textures, shapes, and flavors.
  • SnackNation — An exclusive curation of premium snacks that you can’t find anywhere else. Includes tasty chips, nutrition bars, savory jerkies, better-for-you sweets, nuts, and more!
  • Carnivore Club — 4 to 6 handcrafted cured meats (total 20 to 32 oz) delivered in a wooden crate made of American Pine.

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Lifestyle Subscription Boxes

Sock Fancy - Surprise Pair of Socks Subscription

Maybe you’ve been wanting to try a subscription box but don’t know which one is great for you. Or maybe you’re a subscription box fan looking for something new to add to your wishlist. Lifestyle subscription boxes will help you perfectly.

The lifestyle subscription boxes are really perfect gifts. You know exactly what your partner, or friend, or grandmother loves — and then just choose a box with the same interest. There are boxes for GQ-readers, an eco-lifestyle, gamers, musicians… Maybe you want to become one of them? In this case, you also need a lifestyle box subscription.

Here are some great examples:

  • BREO BOX — 5 to 8 unique high-end items, curated to fit the season: tech, gadgets, home goods, fitness, Bluetooth headphones, coffee, tea products, and more! Delivered every 3 months.
  • Wickbox — A large luxury candle in an on-trend candle container.
  • Sock Fancy — One surprise pair of awesome socks each month.

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Pets Subscription Boxes

Bark If You Want Some - Premium Dog Products Subscription Box

Your beloved pets need some loving every month too! From pet toys and treats to grooming products and accessories, there are some great monthly pet boxes that you definitely must try.

Taking care of animals sometimes becomes a routine, right? You can subscribe to a box and calm this feeling with the monthly delivery of your dog’s favorite snacks or a toy for your cat. Subscription boxes are a small enjoy for your pets – and a small easy tip for your life.

All you need to do is choose your pet size or type of diet, pick a plan and you’ll be sent a fantastic pet box every month!

Your pet will definitely love one of these boxes:

  • Bark If You Want Some — Filled with 4-8 amazing items and one of a kind from toys, bandanas, jackets, bowls, all-natural treats curated specifically for your dogs.
  • KitNipBox — Comes with 5 toys, treats, and/or other cat goodies. Each box is uniquely themed and includes custom-designed items. Has a multi-cat option!
  • Pawstruck — 7 different types of expert-curated natural meat chews for dogs.

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Toys & Kids Subscription Boxes

World’s Finest Collection Box –The Officially Licensed DC Comics Mystery Gift Subscription Box

Kids’ monthly subscription boxes are a busy parent’s best friend. You don’t exactly have time each week to whip up fun activities for spending time together. Some of the best kid-friendly subscriptions are the ones created by parents, for parents. These toy boxes can act as your monthly helping friend. Box themes are seriously diverse, so you’re bound to find a subscription that seems like it was made for you and your family. Your kid loves crafts but you don’t have time to spend an hour in Michael’s? There’s a box for that. Your kid loves learning biology but there are no more education books at home? There’s a box for that too. Toys? There are so many toy subscription boxes! Plus, kids will be excited about receiving a surprise package each month. Because getting a little surprise is the best fun.

Top list for you to start:

  • Toy Box Monthly — 4 to 6 toys in every box from the brands you love! Have both gender options as well as a mixed one.
  • The Comic Garage Ultimate Box — 24 comics in each box, you can choose between Marvell, DC, or mixed options!
  • Collectible Card Club Platinum — 15 unopened packs of cards in each box. Each pack of cards is exciting — you never know what you are going to get next time!
  • Club SciKidz Labs — Every month you will receive an engaging and fun science kit with a career-related science theme.

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